Control Seal

About the company Control Seal

The Company Control seal is one of the world's leading manufacturers of non-contact ball valves with a rising stem (RSBV) and Double Block and Bleed Dual Expanding Plug Valve (DBBV)

The real success of the company is based on several key features:

  • 110 years of engineering work
  • 35 years of production of shut-off valves
  • Flexibility in accordance with requirements
  • Flexibility in accordance with requirements
  • The principle of customer loyalty
  • Ability to provide a complete customer project


Certification is based on the requirements of customers and government standards. During the manufacture of valves Control Seal received the following certificates and permits

Control Seal is accredited and registered with:

  • Made in Europe
  • High accuracy mechanical engineering, mechanical treatment and testing
  • 3D measuring instruments
  • 100% 3D quality testing
  • 100% quality control in all parts
  • High pressure test
  • Fire fighting test
  • Cryogenic testing
  • Sand and slurry test
  • Own research laboratory
  • Continuous engineering development
  • Product reliability