Control Seal B.V. and «Комплект Арматура» LLP had jointly become silver partners of Kazakhstan international Oil and gas exhibition and conference – Kioge 2018.
Emerson Seminar
The whole world and our country are in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. A terrible disease destroyed the usual way of life of people, caused serious damage to the economies of almost all countries of the world.
As recently as in March, when all countries received alarming news about the spread of COVID - 19, Komplekt Armatura LLP began to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease: the necessary medical protective equipment was purchased, the work schedule of employees was changed, when leaving the fields and entering the city they surrendered PCR tests.
Our company always holds to the recommendations of central and local authorities, including those related to the organization of work, and brings important information to the attention of the workforce, identifies and minimizes the risks of infection with the COVID-19 virus to workers and others involved in production. It also strengthens occupational health by applying the principles of social distancing in the workplace, regularly disinfects industrial premises; Ensures proper hygiene and effective ventilation, and provides adequate protective equipment (e.g. soap, hand sanitizers, promotional materials), reminds workers of industrial hygiene requirements (e.g., washing hands frequently and not touching their eyes , nose and mouth).